If I told you the walkers were coming, would you turn around and run? A true fan of the Walking Dead series would know we're talking about zombies! They would either grab a weapon or run for their lives. If you were stoned, you'd probably find random tools and create a modified legit zombie weapon. No matter what your decision would be, having the option to decide is half the fun! 

In 2012, TellTale Games introduced their version of The Walking Dead in an awesome choose-your-own-adventure game. The story, which is based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic books, has you playing Clementine, a young survivor in a world filled with blood-thirsty walkers. The graphics and imagery are totally based on the comic book designs, and they are incredibly detailed. 


In TellTale Games The Walking Dead, you are always given the option on how your characters react to the others. Your decisions and actions change the story around you, giving you full control. You are presented with questions during interactions with other characters, have to search for quest items, and often have to avoid zombie attacks.

After the first release, Season One, and the DLC 400 Days, Telltale Games recently released Season Two. The game is broken down into different episodes, with each one released over a period of time. Episode Two, titled , "A House Divided," was released this week, and it was mind blowing. After being separated from her original group, Clementine has been welcomed into a new family. The story develops around you, showing who these new people really are. Your actions are remembered by other characters in the group, and we love the way it really affects your future storyline. If you didn't play season one, there's nothing to worry about. The game is so awesome, it will put together decisions for you from the past installments, and you pick up the story from there.


Since we are such a huge Walking Dead fans, we love that this game offers another way to enjoy the zombiefest and feel part of the story. The Walking Dead, Season Two from Telltale games is available on PC/Mac, Steam, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, and in the App Store.