People often think video games are filled with too much gore and violence. The mainstream media loves to focus on first-person shooters and how they effect our way of life. Lucky for us medicated gamers, awesome games like South Park The Stick of Truth seem to sneak right into our consoles without cause for alarm. Instead of violence and gore, you have trash talking characters, sexually charged goodies, and insane missions. Now I must admit, getting my hands on a copy of this game was no easy task. It was sold out at my local shops and I certainly didn't think I would have needed a pre-order. In this case, I was wrong. Once I crossed the jagged ravine, and climbed to the top of the highest tower, I snagged a copy of the magical disk. 
The Stick of Truth is the funniest game I have ever played. After smoking a healthy bowl, I jumped right in, not sure of what to expect. When I initially started playing the game, it felt like child's play. The characters and the graphics are exactly like the show. You travel through the town of South Park as the new kid in the neighborhood. As your parents send you off to make friends, you realize the neighborhood kids are involved in their own make believe medieval war. As you meet the different kids in the town, your quests change and evolve. Some of the characters you meet actually join you in combat, and they offer different special abilities. Your Facebook page works as your tour guide throughout the game.
The fighting style of the game is incredibly easy. If you start the fight with an opponent, then you deal the first blow. If they get you first, you must fight through their attacks. The fight sequence reminds me of classic RPG MMO games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Every attack is given a numerical value and the health meter depletes accordingly. Yay for math. As you level up by winning fights and completing quests, you can use better weapons that you've purchased or found. 
The basis of the game is simple. It's a role playing game with multiple quests, side quests, earning perks and upgrades, as well as the ability to create your own character. You choose your hero style, whether it's a fighter, a mage, and more. You can then create the look of your character, from facial hair to clothing. You play as male at the beginning of the game, but along the way you enjoy a bit of cross dressing. 
As you work your way through the game, you encounter different story lines from the show. The entire game is similar to the South Park parody episode of Game of Thrones, but it also references other episodes such as Taco Bell coming to town, angry gingers, and Nazi Zombies. Exploring the homes and bedrooms of the residents of South Park was probably the most entertaining. The stash of sex toys and drugs in  Cartman's parents room was quite awesome.
South Park The Stick of Truth is available on the Xbox 360, Ps3, and PC. Unfortunately it was not made for the next gen consoles, but pulling out my 360 was totally worth it! I recommend blazing up and playing for sure!
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