At the end of a long day, one of the best ways to unwind is to toke a bowl and play a video game. This week, my game of choice was Infamous Second Son on my PS4. This awesome, open world, action adventure game is a third person shooter that takes place in beautiful Seattle. Filled with trendy coffee shops and incredible skylines, the graphics made the city seem intensely real. 

You play as Delsin Rowe, a gifted graffiti artist with real life troubles, who ends up with more trouble than he bargained for. With a police officer for a brother, Delsin rides a fine line between a bad boy and a savior. Riding that line, you are given the option of good or evil choices along the way. The world around them is filled with mutants known as conduits, or as they are more famously called, Bio Terrorists. Out of fear and concern, the group D.U.P. aka Department of Unified Protection, was created by Brooke Augustine, to keep bio terrorists off of the streets and locked away. During a location transfer, a group of conduits escaped custody and began to wreak havoc on the city. Delsin came into contact with Smoke, a conduit with a the carcinogenic power , and everything changed. Delsin absorbed Smoke's ability and joined the conduit revolution. With the ability to play as good or evil, you work your way through the game to calm the city of bio terrorist chaos and learn the story behind the D.U.P.

Unlike your typical action/adventure game, your weapons aren't guns or man-made explosives. Conduits have different powers and as you play through the missions and defeat them, you absorb their powers. With smoke, which allows you to shoot fireballs and float through the air,  you can also travel through vents to quickly ascend to the top of the Seattle buildings. You acquire neon powers, which give you a super-speed ability and some awesome fire shooting. My favorite of the acquired powers is video. With this absorbed ability you can fly like an angel or shoot piercing, neon  swords! In your final boss battle, you gain the power of cement, tossing shards of rock at your enemy. As your make your way around the city, you must destroy D.U.P. Command Centers, cameras, and their forces to gain control of each area. Collecting shards gives you credit to boost your abilities and powers as you play.
One thing I really enjoy about this game is that it's perfect for completionist gamers. Once you destroy the D.U.P. Command Center, other missions in the area open up. You can spray paint art, find audio files, locate the secret D.U.P. Agent, and when the district falls below 30 percent control, you can take on the district showdown. The story isn't too complex, and it definitely pulls you in.  
Infamous Second Son was created by SuckerPunch Productions and is available exclusively on the Ps4. I scored it as a download -- it was actually pretty fast, and definitely worth the cash. 
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