Although I’ve never met Snoop Dogg before, I remember the time HIGH TIMES presented him with the 2002 Stoner of the Year Award at BB King’s in Times Square. Snoop showed up dressed in a black silk suit with a Persian lamb-lined black suede overcoat and matching hat, carrying a silver-encrusted chalice and black cane that I seem to remember had secret compartments in it that were stuffed with weed. To witness that is to know that Snoop’s pimp hand is not just strong, it’s downright atomic.

The occasion that brought Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and HIGH TIMES together was the impending release of the stoner comedy, Mac and Devin Go To High School, wherein Snoop plays a student that has been having so much fun in school that he’s taking a decade or two to graduate and Wiz plays a sheltered brainiac whom Snoop takes under his wing. Now, if you’ve seen Wiz’s incendiary live performance, it might seem like a stretch to envision him as sheltered, but I noticed he was a bit reserved in Snoop’s presence, and in fact Snoop affectionately refers to Wiz as “neph.” Mac and Devin promises to be hip-hop’s answer to Cheech and Chong, only with a lot more marijuana involved.

For the photo shoot the good folks at DNA Genetics provided Kosher Kush, winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Award. When Snoop saw the layout he said, “If this was just a Snoop Dogg shoot, this might be enough weed, but Snoop and Wiz Khalifa? I don’t know...

After a dozen-plus joints and blunts, the two sat down for an interview, but we had a surprise for them first. Since they were appearing on the cover of our Cannabis Cup issue, we thought it appropriate that they should give us their own opinions on this year’s winners, which arrived from Amsterdam, strapped to the legs of one very exhausted carrier pigeon. After a perfunctory lesson in Cannabis Cup judging, Snoop chose Electric Lemon G, winner of the Sativa Cup, as the best place to start. It should be mentioned that while Snoop and Wiz were beyond professional in their judging methodology, there were a few strains at the end that were left unsmoked.

Unidentified member of the crew [to Wiz]: You want the Swishers now?
Wiz: Hell, no ... I’ll never smoke another Swisher in my life.

HT: You don’t like the blunts?
Wiz: It’s been about four years.

HT: Why’d you quit?
Wiz: Just ’cause I figured out that I don’t have to use tobacco with my weed.

HT: I’m reminded of the song on the Mac and Devin soundtrack: “You Can Put It in a Zag, I’mma Put It in a Blunt.”
Snoop: That was spawned off of us doing what we do -- it’s like, we hanging out with each other and we doing our thing, and I’m smoking blunts and he’s smoking Zags, and it was natural. It felt like we should have said that, because that’s what we do, and it’s perfect for the song, it’s perfect for the movie, it’s perfect for the soundtrack, it’s just a natural feeling -- some people prefer Zags, some people prefer blunts.
Wiz: Yeah, and it’s like a unity thing, too, since weed is all about being positive anyway and you have your own purpose in doing what you do. So, you know, that was what brought us together.

HT: So let me ask you about the new movie. As far as I know, Snoop plays kind of the weed Yoda of the high school -- and Wiz, you’re like Luke Nonsmoker in the beginning, right?
Wiz: Well, it was less about smoking, how we met -- Snoop’s character is just like a cooler guy. He’s a 15-year senior, but he’s not like dumb or anything; he’s just having a really good time in high school. And my character, I’m not a straight-up nerd; I just never really experienced anything or tried anything new. So weed happens to be one of his things, but he’s into chicks, cars -- you know, everything that comes with being a man. And then, when we meet and we become friends, the common ground that we share is the weed -- that’s what really breaks the ice. We have to do a project, and that’s what brings us together, and then the weed is what makes us become friends, and then we really realize how much we have in common, you know, through that leaf.

HT: Snoop, did you have a weed mentor when you were in high school?
Snoop: No, not really. My uncle just used to get down, my mom used to get down ....My uncle used to let me get the roach -- they had little roach clips back in the ’70s, and they used to let me come hit it, like, “Superb, come hit this shit!” (They use to call me “Superb.”) I’d come hit it for a while, but I wasn’t like...I didn’t have nobody that just sat me down and schooled me on how to smoke, why I should smoke -- that just came. At one point, I was guessin’ -- I was telling my homies, “Man, you all shouldn’t smoke,” ’cause I was an athlete. So I was always saying, basically, you know, “We shouldn’t smoke, we should ball.” And then, once I started smoking, I was like, “Shit -- eight day a week, fuck ball.”

HT: What sort of weed did you smoke back then?
Snoop: We had Colombian Gold, we had Buddha Thai, Chocolate Thai, we had a sinse -- Red Head Sinse -- and then, when I got out of high school, that’s when hydroponic came out....[Grimacing, he pauses to comment on the Electric Lemon G] That smell like dog hair.
Wiz: You know, I lit it and I pulled it back --
Snoop [laughing and pounding on the table]: He hit the shit and then he pull back off: “Hold on, this shit ain’t right....”
Wiz: We call this “carpet” -- you know, when you drop some weed in the carpet and you pick that shit up?
Snoop [sparking up some Liberty Haze, first-place winner of the Cannabis Cup]: This Liberty is all right -- try that Liberty, y’all, see what that worth.
Wiz: Please, dude, I’m traumatized.

HT: This reminds me of the song “Smokin’ On” from the Mac and Devin soundtrack ....
Snoop: Thank you! [singing] “You might could smoke, but you ain’t smokin’ what we smokin’ on....”

HT: Does LA have the best herb?
Snoop: Man, by far. LA my folk -- because it’s open all night, it’s like a 24/7 7-Eleven: You can go to the medical spot, or you can go get it from that man.

HT: So were you smoking real weed in the movie, or did you use Hollywood stunt weed?
Snoop [aghast]: Hollywood stunt weed?
Wiz: Nah, see, this is a fucking Snoop Dogg film, so it ain’t go down like that....
Snoop [still pondering the unintended insult]: Hollywood stunt weed? We smoke f ’real!
Wiz: It was no Hollywood shit about it -- he reached in his pockets and did this whole thing.
Snoop: I wanted to make my guy feel comfortable on his first time on an acting set, right?
Wiz: Yeah -- and we did it how it’s supposed to be done.
Snoop: That’s how it’s supposed to be done. I wanted him to understand that, you know, this is how we do it: If we gonna do it, we gonna do it big, we gonna do it real -- so that way, if he ever wants to do it again, he understands that’s the only way to do it.

HT: So what type of weed were you smoking in the movie?
Snoop: Oh, man, we had some power.
Wiz: He had Master Kush; I had OG Kush, I had Girl Scout Cookies....
Snoop: Purple....
Wiz: Purple, I had Cherry Pie, I had some F1....
Snoop [hitting a new sample, Moonshine Haze, first-place winner of the Sativa Cup]: Moonshine is all right.
Wiz: This is Haze, too?
Snoop: Yeah, it’s Moonshine Haze -- you can taste it. You see, we connoisseurs and shit. One pull is all a nigga needs.
Wiz: You can tell it’s a Haze by how smoky it is, too.
Snoop: Yeah, you know, some motherfuckers, they take wine and shit, they gotta smell it and taste it and bullshit -- don’t even know what year it was. We know what year this shit was made and who made it -- and all that on one pull.
Wiz: I like that power. I usually go for the taste and the smell...but the smell first. I want it to smell like it’s lit before you even --
Snoop: -- pull it out the mo’fuckin’ jar!
Wiz: Yeah, while it’s in the book bag, I want you to be like, “Who’s smoking in here, bitch?” And that’s who’s got some weed!

HT: So tell me how the idea for the movie came together.
Wiz: Just like this -- we were all sittin’ around smokin’. Snoop was like -- just based off of how cool we got, you know, immediately -- it was like, “Man, I feel a bond, and I feel like we got something special and that we should capitalize off of it
and make it more than just music, make it more than just music videos. Make it a movie, you know what I’m saying? So, like, live with it, fall in love with us, not only as your favorite musicians but as characters in the movie -- that’s taking it to the next level. That’s being around forever!” As soon as he explained that to me, I was like, “Yeah, nigga...”
Snoop [passing a joint of Dominator, third-place winner of the Sativa Cup, to Wiz]: This is Dominator.
Wiz [singing]: Dominator ...It’s got a sweet little taste to it. I’m not mad at that one.
Snoop: I’m not either. What I wanted to say is this: The weed in Amsterdam is cool, but it can’t fuck with this shit out here. I don’t ever get, like, high as fuck -- I just be gettin’ European high. Because before the LA Confidential came, they had that bullshit Sour Diesel -- that shit ain’t fuckin’ real. You know I’d was just pretendo. But the LA Confidential is for real, from here! It ain’t from there, it’s just rooted there, but his momma and daddy come from here -- I’ll bet you that.

HT: So what’s winning it for all of us so far? Who’s in the lead?
Snoop: Liberty wasn’t that bad, but Dominator is dominating. [singing] Motivator, Dominator, calculator, I’m a Nator....Yeah, this is it. I know weed helps you creatively with your music, but how has it helped with your acting?
Wiz: It just helps you feel comfortable, like to get in your zone and block everything out and really live what you’re saying and be about that shit. ’Cause when we do our music, we really feel that shit, ’cause we talk about shit that we know about and that we’ve really that’s why you get that emotion. But when you act it and you gotta make that emotion out of nothing, the weed can make you tackle it, maybe [help you channel] some shit you seen before and you can sort of emulate. I know that’s what it did for me.
Snoop: Yeah, it makes me feel like I’m in a regular conversation. Like right now, if we was acting, I would look at all the lines -- I would look at his lines and your lines and my lines -- and just like we talkin’, I will play it just like the conversation...’cause I’m so high. And I wouldn’t be worrying about my lines, I’d be worrying about when you supposed to come in and when you supposed to come in [snapping his fingers], ’cause that’s when I’m supposed to come in -- like a regular conversation. And then it takes the hard part of acting out of learning my lines and saying them with the dynamics that the director wants: “Man, fuck the director -- I’mma say this shit the way I wanna say this shit!”
Wiz [lights up some Hawaiian Snow, second-place winner of the Cannabis Cup, takes a few puffs and puts it down again]: I’m ready to get outta Amsterdam.
Snoop: Yeah, me too, bro -- this Cannabis Cup shit ain’t right. [Everyone laughs.] Dominator wins by a small margin.
Wiz: I had to eat Skittles just to get the taste out of my mouth.
Snoop: It’s all right. They trying real hard over there in Europe, so I can’t be mad at them, because when you over there, you either get dirt or you get that.
Wiz: I’m spoiled.
Snoop: Me too. But you gotta readjust sometimes to your environment. You gotta know how to, you know, become a creature of your environment...maximize the strengths of their weaknesses.
Wiz: And be able to share everything with everybody. Can’t go over there and say you didn’t smoke, you know what I’m saying?
Snoop: When me and my boys was over there, we’re jumpin’ at 5:30 in the morning, we’re going to McDonald’s to get a Sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese, hash browns, with some orange juice, you hear me? And then we get that thing that killed John Wayne—LA Confidential.

HT: So what do you think Mac and Devin are going to major in after they graduate high school and go to college?
Snoop: Well, you know I’m gonna major in my Ph.D. -- Pimpin’ Hos Daily, that’s what I’m majoring in....

HT: What would you like to say to the readers of HIGH TIMES when they’re picking up your Cannabis Cup issue?
Snoop: I love the people who read High Times magazine -- I’m a fan, I’m a follower, I’ve been down with it for many years. I remember going to the HIGH TIMES photo shoot and getting blessed with a big-ass garbage bag full of dope. It was
Chronic, when nobody had Chronic. They had bullshit out there then, and HIGH TIMES were the only motherfuckers who knew where it was. And I went on "The Howard Stern Show," and I was blazing up on Howard Stern and I was like, “You know what? HIGH TIMES is the realest motherfucking magazine in the world!” I said it then and I say it now: You-all stay true to whattcha all do, you-all open your doors up to real people like me and Wiz, and you-all let us speak our minds, say what we feel and do what we do. At the same time, you-all educating people on that real “Mmmmm, do it!” flow.

HT: We love you guys. Thanks for hanging and telling us what’s been on your mind.
Wiz: Yeah, thank you all, man, for lettin’ me be a part of the culture. I grew up on HIGH TIMES and anybody and everybody who gets into weed or marijuana or anything growing, you know what I’m saying, seeds, the manufacturing of it, but not really like selling it or anything, just really the treatment of it and how you really make it and have it right for people, anybody who gets into that, HIGH TIMES is like a big deal for them, so just to get involved, that you guys look to us for the same inspiration that we look to y’all for. It’s amazing. I appreciate it.