Nineteen states plus Washington, DC have legalized medical marijuana, and Americans continue to show their strong support. According to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, an across-the-board majority of Americans favor legalizing medical pot — and most think the federal government should quit cracking down on states that have medical laws currently in place.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats and independents favor legalization more highly, with a 69 to 21 percent margin for Democrats and a 61 to 24 percent margin for independents. Overall, 60 percent of Americans support allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana as medicine, with only 26 percent opposing. A majority in every age group was in support of legalization, and even amongst Republicans the margin of those in favor was 46 to 38 percent.

Poll respondents were against the federal administration interfering with state-run medical programs by a margin of 57 to 25 percent, and a majority of respondents stated that federal drug laws should not apply to medical marijuana patients. In Colorado and Washington State, where marijuana is now legal for all adults, a 55 percent majority of those polled said that the federal government should not enforce drug laws in their states.

The poll was conducted among 1,000 adults across a broad range of age, race, gender, education, employment, income, voter registration, and other factors. It’s obvious that the American people want the Obama administration to listen up, and stop prosecuting legal medical marijuana patients and dispensaries.