How have things changed for you since the release and subsequent success of Super High Me?

Everyone wants to smoke with me. Which is the greatest thing that could happen to a person. Well, to me, anyway.


Why did you decide to release the new film, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, on the internet directly to your fans? (It’s available exclusively through

Because I'm asked every day when I'm going to make a sequel to Super High Me and this was the quickest way to get it out there. And because I want potheads to have something to watch on 4/20, which is only… I don't know how many days away. I'm not good at math. Or looking at calendars.

Does Morgan Spurlock think you're stalking him?

No, he loves it. I've been on his talk show in the UK and he's been on my Doug Loves Movies podcast. And I'm not done stalking him. His next movie after The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was about Comic-Con in San Diego. So of course I'm working on a doc called Chronic-Con.


Is it more difficult to tour now that you're a NPS – KPS (Known Pot Smoker)? 

Nope. If anything, it's easier. I think a lot of TSA agents smoke weed because most of them seem to know who I am. I get a lot of “I loved your documentary” right when my bag is headed to the x-ray machine. And the only police officers that know who I am are fans.

What's your favorite strain of pot?

I fell in love with Chocolope when I tried it at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam a few years ago. But I didn't try to bring any back to the states!


What do you think of the concentrated hash oil that's getting so popular these days? Have you tried “dabbing?”

Yes, I've tried it, and it knocks me on my ass. Which is what I love about it.


Do you think that marijuana will be fully legal in your lifetime?

Hell yeah. Unless I die tomorrow or some shit.


Check out the trailer for The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled