An elderly couple, on vacation from Colorado, was busted in Connecticut earlier this week for felony drug possession after a routine traffic stop.

On the afternoon of October 7, 73-year-old Thomas Michael Howard and 65-year-old Nora Clark were traveling through Westport when a County Mountie pulled them over for running a red light.

Instead of just handing the officer his driver’s license and registration, Howard decided to inform the traffic cop that he was in possession of some marijuana.

Now, we’re not entirely sure why the man decided to rat himself out, but what we can tell you is that his honestly ultimately led to the officer radioing for backup, which included the assistance of a drug-sniffing dog named Koda. Shortly thereafter, an extensive search of the couple’s motor home was underway.

Koda led police to 144 hydrocodone-acetaminophen pills, just under three ounces of marijuana, over two pounds of liquefied marijuana extract, syringes containing liquid marijuana, about 25 grams of hash, miscellaneous paraphernalia and just over $4,100 in cash.

Now, that’s what we call a recreational vehicle.

The couple was arrested and charged with a several felony offenses. Both are being held on $10,000 bond and scheduled to appear in court later this week.

The lesson here? Don’t talk to cops.

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