In an eye-opening interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) expressed his support for legalizing medicinal cannabis, saying, “I think we need to take a real close look at this. I think that there’s some medical reasons for marijuana.”

Reid revealed just how far his position on medical pot has changed over time, as he admitted, “If you’d asked me this question a dozen years ago, it would have been easy to answer – I would have said no, because [pot] leads to other stuff … But I can’t say that anymore.”

Reid elaborated that hearing numerous reports in the media about the efficacy of medical marijuana as well as experiences he’s shared with people shifted his viewpoint. Specifically, Reid noted a Nevada elected official’s son who lost both his kidneys to disease and then consumed cannabis to successfully restore his appetite. Medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada since 2001, even though cities like Las Vegas currently have imposed a moratorium on dispensaries.

Reid, who is a practicing Mormon – a religion that explicitly forbids use of any intoxicant, including pot – confirmed that he personally has never tried marijuana. He also expressed uncertainty as to whether Nevada should legalize pot recreationally, adding: “I just think that we need to look at the medical aspects of it.”

However, Reid did declare: “I guarantee you one thing … we waste a lot of time and law enforcement going after these guys that are smoking marijuana.”