The Emerald City’s bakers brought their best creations to the first annual HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Seattle.


First Place

Captain Kirk’s Treasure Chest

Top Shelf Medicine

Delivery Only to WA patients – call (425) 495-4305


The two truffles, beautifully presented in a wooden gift box, have different delicious flavors. The Sugar Free Buckeye tastes strongly like a Butterfinger candy bar. This truffle is expertly executed, with special attention paid to making a potent, diabetic friendly treat.


The second Gingerbread Cake Truffle was full of flavor, bursting with fresh nutmeg, pistachios and citrus. Perfect for a novice patient eager to try edibles.


Our competition lab testing revealed 33 milligrams of THC in the Sugar Free Buckeye Truffle and 22 mg in the Gingerbread Cake Truffle, making each a nice, appropriate dose that shouldn’t be overwhelming.


Second Place

Glory Oh!

Green Ambrosia

Beautifully presented, this duo of cookies doesn't disappoint! A Peanut Butter Cup and a Peanut Butter Cookie are presented together with liner notes that contain such helpful hints as “Maximum pinnacle reached in 3 to 5 hours” and effects may include “wave after wave of calming bliss blanketing your body.”


Each cookie is deliciously decadent, with peanut butter and chocolate combined, but perhaps containing too much sugar and fat for everyday usage.


However, the dosage and serving size information is a bit confusing. One cookie is the serving size, yet the package also states “Dosage: 6x.” So do the two cookies combine to make six doses? No lab results are shared on the package, so the exact amount of milligrams of THC present in one or two cookies is unknown, and so the exact dosage is unknown as well.


I started with about 1/6th of each cookie. Under “duration,” the package instructs “Initial relaxation begins in the first 30 minutes; Total effect: 4 to 6 hours.” Our competition lab testing revealed 46 milligrams of THC in the Peanut Butter Cup, and 33 mg in the Peanut Butter Cookie, so I’d recommend eating no more than a half of each edible to start.


Third Place

Ettalew's Organic Vegan Fair Trade Dark Chocolate & Blueberry Truffle

Greenside Medical

Very beautifully presented and packaged, this truffle contains a decadently infused chocolate center, covered in a dark chocolate shell. Despite the “blueberry” mentioned on the package, the flavor was more reminiscent of mint and cannabis.


Fine print on the cute package states clearly the amount of THC per milligram – 91.15 mg, along with the warning “It's strong – Start with a quarter of a treat and wait 45 minutes,” which is an appropriate dose of about 23 mg. However, the packaging design makes it very easy for a person to mistakenly ingest this truffle without realizing that it contains cannabis.


Mom's Lemon Bars

Delta 9 Seattle

This is a delicious, well-executed lemon bar, but the packaging is understated in its declaration of cannabis content. Small print makes it easy for a friend or relative to accidentally ingest this edible. Helpful advice includes “Contains two doses / Allow thirty to sixty minutes before taking a second dose.” However, no lab-tested information is offered, so a decision of how much to consume is largely guesswork. Our competition lab testing revealed about 26 milligrams of THC, so it would be safe to consume the entire treat.


Gingerbread Sandwiches

Sens-Able Patient Network

Marked as a “one dose edible” these ginger cookie sandwiches are a nostalgic throwback to a traditional tasty cake. However, without lab-tested information on the packaging, it’s tough to make a decision about how much to consume, and difficult to recommend this treat to friends or family. Our competition lab testing revealed a whopping 87 milligrams of THC inside this edible, making it substantially more than a “one dose edible.” I’d recommend cutting it into 4 pieces and start with no more than a quarter, waiting two hours before ingesting more, for a comfortable medicinal effect without any dysphoria.