When Dennis Peron appeared on the 2013 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup stage to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award, it was more than appropriate. Dennis spent his life changing people's minds about cannabis, but the Cup itself is an affirmation of his work -- a tangible product of his vision. And when he accepted the award, he said, "It wasn't about just changing the law; it was about love."

Because that's what true medicine is. It's a gift of the earth. It's transformative and life-changing. It gives us hope. And that, too, is the essence of the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup. For two days, the crowds that attend our Cannabis Cups reassure the world that  there is no danger associated with cannabis, socially or health-wise. We already know that cannabis is the earth's best medicine and, finally, the world is catching on. But we also collectively envision a future time when advocacy for this miraculous plant is no longer required.

This event, our fourth in the San Francisco Bay Area, was by far the most successful, with three "medication" areas packed with the top cannabis companies of California. Concentrates once again showed that they're here to stay, with scores of different textured and flavored available for the teeming crowds. Seminars enabled newcomers to our community to fully indoctrinate themselves with the ins and outs of cannabis, whether it was cultivation, edibles, or legal matters. And when the Sunday night awards show arrived, everyone truly understood the famous words that Dennis uttered years ago when the medical cannabis movement was just getting underway: "All cannabis use is medicinal."

Our community is vibrant and progressive because we are beginning to understand the genuine definition of medicine. It means "community."

Congratulations to all of the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup winners!


1 – Cracker Jack by Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals
2 – Red Dragon by Leonard Moore Co-op
3 – Tangie by BAMF Extractions

1 – Girl Scout Cookies by Berkeley Patients Group
2 – OG Eddy Lepp by 3rd Gen Family
3 – Bomb Threat by Archive Seed Bank

1 – Headband by Loud Seeds
2 – Phish O.G. by Sovereign Wellness Center, produced by Ganeshes' Garden
3 – Veganic Platinum Girl Scout Cookies by Buds and Roses & Private Stock LA

1 – Paris OG Wax by Grateful Meds
2 – Humboldt OG Shatter by Golden State Extracts
3 – Lemon Amnesia Shatter by Archive Seed Bank & TerpX

1 – Lemon OG Solventless Wax by BAMF Extractions & Reserva Privada
2 – Caramel Candy Kush Bubble by Dynasty Seeds
3 – Master Yoda Solventless by Kush Connection & Essential Extracts

1 – Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar by RCP Sacramento
2 – Day Dreamers Medicinal Chocolates by SJ Patients Group
3 – Toffee Turtles by CCSC Melrose Premium Collective LA

Edible: Lemon Blueberry C.B.canD Lollypop by Top Shelf Collective & Shatter Made Edibles
Flower: Jedi Kush by Blindpack Trading Pins
Concentrate: C.B.CanD Oil by MTG Seeds & First Class Concentrates

Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream by Doc Green's Healing Collective

1 – Oil Slick
2 – Cloud V
3 – Micro Vape Glass Globe Kit by Vaped Vaporizer

1 – Magnolia Wellness
2 – Cali Connection
3 – TGA Genetics

1 – Hitman by Hitman Glass
2 – Revere Glass School
3 – Silika Glass