Help make marijuana legal in Colorado – and the U.S.!

The good people at Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) need your help. They are in the midst of a massive signature drive to place a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot in Colorado and it is uncertain whether they will succeed or not. Please continue reading this alert to see how you can support their effort to make the possession of marijuana legal in Colorado.

Last November, SAFER sent a shockwave across the nation when it ran a successful campaign in Denver to make possession of up to one ounce of marijuana legal for adults under that city's ordinances. Amazingly, SAFER spent less than $30,000 on this initiative campaign and garnered 54 percent of the vote. The victory was attributable to hard work and a relentless earned media strategy that kept the city buzzing about marijuana for two weeks leading up to the vote.

Following the Denver victory -- and the city’s decision to continue citing people for marijuana possession under existing state law -- SAFER decided to launch an initiative campaign to make the possession of marijuana legal for adults under state law. As soon as SAFER announced this campaign, Colorado's governor and attorney general called for a "statewide marijuana showdown." SAFER's response: Bring it on! Debates such as this allow SAFER to promote its primary message: Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. From this message comes SAFER's core argument: Adults should not be punished for making the rational choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol.

But this statewide marijuana showdown will not occur if the initiative does not qualify for the ballot. In order to qualify SAFER needs to collect approximately 100,000 signatures in Colorado. With less than two months to go, SAFER has close to 50,000 signatures. Here is what you can do to help them bring in the final 50,000:

If you live in Colorado, get PAID to collect signatures!:
SAFER has sufficient funds on hand to pay people 50 cents for every signature they collect. They are looking for people willing and able to work 10-40 hours a week for the next 4-6 weeks. If you would like to help the cause and earn some money, send and E-mail to or call Evan at 303-861-0033.

If you know people in Colorado who might be interested in getting paid to collect signatures, please let them know about this offer.
Have them use the contact information above ASAP, as SAFER is trying to get as many of these 50-cent signatures as possible by July 7.

Make a donation to the SAFER Voter Education Fund.
If you are not in Colorado or cannot help collect signatures yourself, please consider making a contribution to SAFER to support its campaign work. This contribution will not only help SAFER complete the signature drive, but will support the campaign as it registers and educates voters throughout the fall. You can make a contribution through PayPal on SAFER’s campaign Web site.

If this initiative makes it on to the ballot and passes in November, the unified system of marijuana prohibition in this country will officially be over. But even if this initiative fails, it will bring us closer to the end of prohibition by educating millions of Americans about the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol. Once the public generally accepts that marijuana is far less harmful, the system of marijuana prohibition will slowly but surely crumble.

Please do your part to help move this process forward.