Rusted Root share good vibes, dance grooves with new album: The Movement.


Thank goodness peace, love, and great grooves haven’t fallen out of fashion, because Rusted Root delivers all this and more with their seventh studio album, The Movement.

The Pittsburgh-based band known for their live show made waves in the 90s opening for the Grateful Dead, Santana, and the Allman Brothers, and over the course of twenty plus years have clung tight to their unique sound of drum circle beats, trippy tribal chants, and catchy guitar riffs.

Root Heads, as fans are called, will have a perma-grin because The Movement captures the familiar sensation of both Cruel Sun and When I Woke. Bouncing through the album, the lighthearted “Cover Me Up” joyously blends Michael Glabicki and Liz Berlin’s voices – playfully weaving the melody over poly-rhythmic layers with the help of bassist Patrick Norman and percussionist Preach Freedom. Tunes like “Fortunate Freaks” will steadily be on repeat, and the sugary sweet lyrics of “Sun and Magic” may cause a cavity from their overwhelming heartfelt emotion.

Catching up with Rusted Root before their New Year’s Day show in New York City, the band is clearly fired up from the previous night’s show and their fans’ overwhelmingly positive reception to the album. “It’s cool because we finally created something that is rooted, in the sense that our fans know what Rusted Root is all about,” says Glabicki, who solely produced and engineered the album.

Taking a toke of Loud Scout, the 2012 Hybrid Cannabis Cup winner, brother Preach Freedom has no problem sharing with the world that he loves weed and considers it medicine. “It’s the healing of the nation. Can you dig it? We love it. I love it, because it’s a good expectorant, too. I expect to get high,” Freedom says as we depart, sending me on my way. “This is HIGH TIMES, baby. Two thousand thirteen, everything green!”

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