ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) _ Al Aronowitz, a pioneer of rock journalism who
introduced Bob Dylan to the Beatles, died Monday, his son said. He was 77.

Aronowitz died of cancer, said his son, Joel Roi Aronowitz.

Al Aronowitz became a journalist after studying at Rutgers University
in the mid-1950s. In 1959, at the New York Post, he wrote a 12-part series on the "beat" movement.

In reporting the series, he became a friend of such early counterculture luminaries as poet Allen Ginsberg and novelist Jack Kerouac.

"He really fell into the whole lifestyle," said Gerry Nicosia, author of the Jack Kerouac biography "Memory Babe."

The pieces have been described as early examples of participatory
journalism, a technique perfected by better-known writers such as Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson.

The 1964 summit of the Beatles and Dylan came about as Aronowitz was
covering the British band for the Saturday Evening Post. He also claimed that Dylan wrote "Mr. Tambourine Man" in his kitchen.

In his last years, Aronowitz self-published two books, "Bob Dylan and
the Beatles" and "Bobby Darin Was a Friend of Mine." He was working on
another, "Mick and Miles," about Mick Jagger and Miles Davis, when he died.