Who says activism is dead on campus. These kids are so mad they're ready to riot (right up until they sober up). The Iowa State Daily reports: What began as a party breakup escalated into a Campustown riot lasting about five hours early Sunday morning. According to an Ames Police news release, the incident began just before midnight when officers came to a crowded party at the 2600 block of Hunt Street about midnight Sunday. After the party was broken up, several hundred people marched down Welch Avenue and began chanting and throwing bottles toward police officers. A trash can was set on fire in front of the Campanile replica, and altercations rose to riot size with hundreds crowding Welch Avenue and taunting police by mooning them and shouting phrases such as "Fuck the police" and "No dry Veishea" as they charged officers in riot gear. The officers held out some form of riot control gas in front of them. Street light poles, parking meters and many storefront windows were damaged or destroyed. Businesses closed as the rioting escalated, and some customers were locked in. More than 25 people were arrested, according to an Ames Police news release.