Former Miami Dolphins' player Channing Crowder was on WQAM radio yesterday claiming that Ricky Williams used to smoke up the night before games. Shocking!

"Remember that Buffalo game, the 200-yard game?" Crowder said. "Smoked the night before. Talk to Ricky. He was doing it, that's what he did. Ricky has social anxiety and he smoked weed. Ricky's marijuana didn't affect the team until he got caught smoking ... Him smoking weed, sitting at his house smoking weed, didn't affect anybody but Ricky. He got high and then he sobered up and then he went to practice the next day."

The disclosure comes two days after The Marijuana Policy Project publicly called the NFL out on their pot policies. The MPP produced a billboard requesting that the league stop punishing players for using marijuana. Said billboard is located in front of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and went up 24 hours before the Denver Broncos hosted the first NFL regular season game of the year.

As previously reported, pot use amongst NFL players isn't uncommon. Players are tested only once a year, and, ironically, testing begins on 4/20. Once they pass that test they're pretty much free to toke up until testing roles around again the next year.