Tomb Raider, the incredible series starring heroine Lara Croft, has been given a next gen upgrade. The original version of the game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 last spring. With the awesome new technology that the next gen consoles offer, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition takes the story you love and cranks it up with full power. The game is offered on both the Xbox One and PS4 console, but the major difference between the two is the frame rate. I love both consoles, but I went with the PS4 version for my purchase. The PS4 offered double the frame rate, so visually for a medicated gamer, this kills the competition. 
Lara Croft, as we know her, is a fear nothing woman. Her character is strong, big busted, and smart. The games have always been based more on puzzle solving and tomb climbing versus combat. Sure, there were always beastly animals to overpower, or  spirits of ancient guards, but this latest installment puts more weapons in the hands of a youthful Lara. In the last year, the biggest question from fans had been the changes in Lara's appearance. She looks younger, less active, and she doesn't resemble the sex symbol we love. Well, the answer is simple. The game is prequel to Lara Croft, the empowered Tomb Raider. The story is about Lara's very first experience. It also shows us a weapon yielding, arrow firing tough girl who is a fast learner. 
As with most games these days, you are given a set of simple abilities, and every weapon, skill point, and ability is earned through experience points. You gain the XP from crates, hunting prey, killing and looting enemies, as well as completing missions. There are secret tombs to be found, as well as GPS markers, ancient artifacts, character logs and more. As you complete more of the story, you can purchase the ability to uncover all of the searchable items. 
The storyline of the game is intense. You start out on a ship with friends on your way to an island filled with mystery. The ocean and evil weather overpower the ship and it's occupants are thrown ashore. The island is occupied by a strange army of castaways who worship the island's Sun Queen. One of Lara's group is a descendent of the Sun Queen, and she is quickly kidnapped. Instantly, the mission is clear and you quickly become absorbed into the lush island scenery and incredible game play.
Besides the main game, you can play online with your friends, or randoms. Unfortunately, you can't play the campaign as a co-op or multiplayer. The multiplayer game consists of team vs. team action. You choose one of the different characters, and as you level up, you unlock access to other characters and weapons. You can also view game art, a comic book that tells the story about your characters prior to the ship sailing, and other options to enhance your game play. 
In comparison to the Xbox 360 version, I truly felt like I was playing a different game. The graphics and gameplay are so intense with the next gen capability, I am really glad I made the purchase. Load up the indica and get gaming!
Words by Alana Evans (Add me on Xbox or Playstation! Gamertag: superpinkninja)