moe. threw down in Turin, New York Saturday night for the final performance of day two at the 14th annual moe.down (August 9-11). Shortly after kicking off the first set with a “Skrunk” opener, the band invited guitarist Chris Michetti (Conspirator) to sit in on a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's “Godzilla.”

A horn section comprised of Conehead Buddha's Shannon and Terry Lynch accompanied moe. as a special treat on “Plane Crash,” replacing the song's recorded signature string medley with their beautifully arranged, front and center, overlapping brass. They stayed, danced, and jammed on stage closing the first set.

It was Al Schnier's turn to write the setlist (“Tailspin” wasn't played first set, and “Cajun Moon” was also omitted) and the guitarist dialed up a dark, smoldering “Smoke” for the second set opener.

Percussionist Jim Loughlin nailed his tune, “Chromatic Nightmare,” before the band embarked on an epic jam journey through “Recreational Chemistry,” “Akimbo” > “Tubing the River Styx,” before eventually landing on a delicious “Meat,” which had Rob Derhak ripping and slapping his bass like a monkey about to eat your face. 

Rob’s sick bass solo segued into “Brent Black,” sealing this second set's fate as a can't-miss set in the jam band history books.

For the encore, Rob dedicated a sweet cover of JJ Cale's “Travelin' Light” to the late musician and also noted the anniversary of the death of Widespread Panic's Mikey Houser.

Making one last major move, moe. threw it into overdrive with “Dr. Graffenberg” to close out Saturday night of moe.down 14.

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