Ahead of 4/20, the Global Drug Survey has taken a look at cannabis and what would define the 'perfect' strain of ganja if tokers could pick. 

They explain: "Despite high potency forms typically being rated the most potent and preferred form of cannabis across the globe, such forms were not without significant shortcomings. Memory, paranoia, impaired ability function, feeling uncomfortable when talking to others, distraction, the munchies, the urge to use more, restlessness, hangover effects, and harmful effects on the lungs were all aspects of the ‘stone’ on hydroponic / high potency preparations they users wanted less off. Users indicated they wanted more sensory perpetual enhancement, more giggling, improved taste, stronger cannabis and an overall 25% increase in pleasurable effects."

They even mapped it out by country and by side-effect:


Check out the highlights of their overall 2014 findings:

Read their full findings here and comment below with what you think the perfect strain of weed would be like!