McLaren, a prestigious British Formula One racing team, publicly apologized to the Mexican government after it was discovered on Friday that the team was flying a Mexican flag embroidered with a cannabis leaf above its stalls at the 2013 US Grand Prix.  

Local Mexican consulate workers spotted the flag faux pas and complained to race organizers while Gabriel Rojas quickly posted an image of it to his Twitter account. Several more Mexi-marijuana flags were witnessed flapping above McLaren's merchandising stands Friday before they were removed from public display. 

McLaren is one of two teams that have Mexican drivers.

McLaren team chief Martin Whitmarsh told the Daily Mirror, "It was a regrettable incident and embarrassing for us."  Whitmarsh clarified that the flag was not an official McLaren product but rather manufactured by a third-party sub-contractor, although he refused to specifically identify the company. McLaren didn't have a good weekend on the track either, as Red Bull-Renault was victorious, ending McLaren's streak of two consecutive US Grand Prix triumphs.