After suffering eight years of recession, Puerto Rico is contemplating more than a hundred different proposals intended to jumpstart its sagging economy -- including legal prostitution and marijuana use.

Whether or not the government will actually move forward with such action is up in the air, as doing so would require public hearings, approval by the commonwealth’s legislative branch, and the support of Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla.

Shrinking Puerto Rico’s debt has become the central goal for Padilla, who has assured investors and credit agencies that he’ll reduce a deficit of $820 million. Exactly how this will happen remains unclear, however, leaving some residents concerned the government will ignore the public’s proposals and resort to raising taxes, laying people off and cutting public services.

In addition to sanctioning prostitution and marijuana, Gonzalez’s party has proposed cutting the number of public holidays from 20 to six, claiming that such a move would save $500 million a year.