According to reports, a Polish prisoner by the name of Dozy Marcin Zendarski was busted earlier this week after guards found out about a photo he posted of himself on Facebook posing with a marijuana plant.

Not only are prisoners prohibited from having outside luxuries like smartphones and active Facebook accounts, but cannabis cultivation is also frowned upon.

We are not entirely sure what this man was thinking: perhaps that his covert green thumb may somehow earn him first prize in the inaugural Convicts Cup, or maybe he was just bored and high as hell. Regardless of his intentions, Zendarski threw both caution and common sense to the wind, using a smartphone that he had managed to smuggle inside the jail to upload a selfie of him holding some of his homegrown commissary -- a nice-sized cannabis plant.

Certainly we can respect Zendarski’s devotion to secretly cultivate a cell-grown stash of Polish Pow-Pow, but whatever it was that convinced him -- the fact that he thought it was a good idea to promote his prison pot plant to the social media might be indicative to why he is sitting in jail in the first place.

Zendarski most likely did not consider the possibility that his stoner selfie would generate a viral buzz and eventually show up on the warden’s computer screen… but it did.

Unimpressed by Zendarski’s attempt to give outsiders a glimpse of him doing high time, the warden called in the guards to conduct a full raid of all prison cells -- discovering a stockpile of illegal drugs, marijuana plants and smartphones.

Incidentally, Zendarski’s stupidity has forced him to be placed under special watch by prison officials, who say disgruntled prisoners want to kill him.

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