A Florida state prison inmate who was working on a roadside cleanup crew is now facing additional jail time because he did what he was supposed to do: collect litter. Authorities say the trash the man picked just so happened to contain a small amount of marijuana, which apparently is a no-no.

According to reports, a group of inmates was working along a stretch of road near Fort Pierce earlier this week, when a friendly passer-by driving a black Dodge Charger launched a small baggie of weed out of their car window. Now, while there is rarely a case when receiving free weed is a bad thing, it may not be such a good idea to accept it while shackled by the law.

As soon as 22-year-old Parell Jamar Seay got his hands on the complimentary cannabis he did what anyone would have done… he put the stash in his shirt pocket and saved it for an evening pow-wow. Yet, as everyone is aware, it can be difficult to contain the excitement of receiving ganja gifts, which in this situation, attracted the attention of a nearby corrections officer… and the whole scene went downhill from there.

The guard pinned the convict against a nearby fence and proceed to frisk him. Knowing that he only had one last chance to dispose of the pot, Seay reached into his pocket and attempted to rid himself of the baggie. The officer saw what he was about to do and grabbed his arm, which caused the baggie containing one gram of weed to hit the officer dead in the face.

Seay told prison officials that although he did not know the identity of the person responsible for tossing him the weed, he did admit that it was a “Department of Correction thing,” a courtesy extended by former inmates to those assigned to roadside work duty.

Regrettably, Seay, who was almost done serving a six-year sentence for burglary, is now facing several additional felony charges, including resisting arrest, tampering with evidence and smuggling contraband. The pot possession charge, however, is only a misdemeanor.

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