This Thursday a bill of the utmost importance is set to be introduced into New Jersey lawmakers hands. The "marijuana reciprocity bill," as it is titled, would allow medical marijuana patients in New Jersey to get access to  edible pot from out-of-state and registered out-of-state patients to receive medication in New Jersey. For some, this would a life-changing bill.

As of now it is extremely difficult to get edible marijuana, CBD, or any other sort of medical marijuana that can be ingested instead of smoked in New Jersey. For 2-year-old Vivian Wilson who has a severe form of epilepsy, this is problematic. Her parents have tried buying straight weed from a dispensary in South Jersey, but there is little way for them to regulate the dosage or the the safety for their daughter even if they tried to make their own edibles.

It took Vivian being approved by three different doctors for medical marijuana use and getting licensed by the Department of Health for Governor Chris Christie to agree to her treatment. He has made it clear that he is not onboard with the treatment and will do his best to prevent the life-saving medication. "Here's what the advocates [of medical marijuana] want. They want legalization of marijuana in New Jersey," he said. "It will not happen on my watch, ever."

The girls' father, Brian Wilson, implored Christie: "Please don't let my daughter die, governor." Christie has agreed to limited allowances so long as the edibles are strictly for use by children (thus excluding elderly patients). He still maintains that each patient be first cleared by 3 doctors, one of which has to be a psychiatrist -- though few psychiatrists are willing to even evaluate for this purpose. Nonetheless, Christie maintains that he will make no further amendments to the bill for widespread availability to patients. 

The effect of his stubbornness can be seen very literally in the death of a 15-month-old North Jersey girl who suffered hours of seizures while waiting approval to use medical cannabis. How dare Chris Christie have such  egregious errors in judgment as governor?