Nearly 30 years ago, a male prostitute savagely beat President Obama’s high school pot dealer to death after the couple engaged in a number of intense arguments over farts, drugs and humiliation.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Raymond Boyer, a neighborhood marijuana dealer known as “Gay Ray,” which Obama once thanked in his yearbook for the “good times,” suffered his demise in 1986 after his homosexual love interest bludgeoned him into annihilation with the business end of a hammer. The man’s brutal demise occurred just seven years after he reportedly sold drugs to the future president and his stoner friends in the “Choom Gang.”

During the investigation, police apprehended Boyer’s boy toy Andrew Devere, who worked as a male prostitute, and charged him with the murder. Devere told officers the reason he killed Boyer was because he constantly put him down, made him beg for drugs, and got his kicks by farting in his face.

Although Devere attempted to justify his murderous, Bob-the-Bludgeoner rampage with the courts, he was ultimately sentenced to life in prison.

Appeals court documents from 1991, obtained by MailOnline, indicate that Devere made the decision to slaughter Boyer on New Year’s Day in 1986 because: Boyer was slowly killing one of his friends by selling him drugs; Boyer constantly embarrassed him by berating him in front of others; Boyer made a habit of farting in his face; Boyer was sometimes violent and had attacked him with a knife, and often made him beg for drugs.

Devere revealed in court documents that the last straw came on the day of the murder, after Boyer refused to give him money to buy medicine for his sore throat.

Incidentally, President Obama has always been forthright about his youthful escapades within the drug culture. In his autobiography, the president admits that drugs were a part of his past, and in in David Maraniss’ book “Barack Obama: The Story” there is mention of the semi-infamous Choom Gang -- a group of stoners led by Obama.

Most recently, President Obama revealed during an interview with The New Yorker that he did not consider marijuana any more dangerous than alcohol, leading us to believe that he is still a stoner at heart, at least in the nostalgic sense.

Nevertheless, let this story be a lesson to us all: Farting in a person’s face is more dangerous than marijuana.

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in HIGH TIMES, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.