Index Watch: All indices, with the exception of the Kind Index, finished October above their previous month’s average. The US Price Index experienced the biggest increase (+$19). Meanwhile, the Kind Index dropped $10 from it’s previous month’s average and finished October $8 below it’s year-to-date average. 

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $334 (last month: $315, Year-to-Date: $327)
CURRENT KIND INDEX ($350+ PER OZ): $386 ($396, $394)
CURRENT MIDS INDEX ($150-$349 PER OZ): $274 ($264, $274)
CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1-$149 PER OZ): $118 ($110, $105)

The top five strains (with average price) were: Kush ($322), Diesel ($375), Purps ($342), Haze ($395) Girl Scout Cookies ($352). 

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(Northern Lights) “These are medical marijuana donations. Street prices still average 240+ an ounce.” –Yamhill Valley, OR

(Sour Diesel) “Very good quality buds with uplifting energetic high.” –Meridian, MS

(Blue Dream) “Very juicy blueberry taste – it helps a lot of my painful ailments.” –Newark, DE

(Girl Scout Cookies) “I always wake up with the munchies after smoking this strain. Don’t know why…” –New York, NY