When Willie Nelson would pass through New York City, I had often met him on his tour bus to hang and listen to music for a while before his performance.

One evening I had introduced him to an unknown (at that time) musician named Norah Jones. He fell in love with her voice immediately, and asked if I wanted to include her on some of the upcoming Willie Nelson and Family gigs. Because of this conversation I eventually found myself backstage in Willie’s dressing room at the Ryman Theater in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the room was Ray Price, Jon Bon Jovi, The Dixie Chicks -- all three of them, Hank Williams lll, Richie Sambora, Shania Twain, Ryan Adams and others. I just wanted to smoke a joint, but there were just too many others in the room and I did not think it would be the right time to break out a J.

Eventually, the room emptied out with the exception of Willie and I and figured this was the right time to smoke up. Then, there was a knock at the door, we opened it up and there I stood alone with Willie Nelson and Keith Richards -- I knew it was the perfect time to smoke up!

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