When operating an illegal grow operation, you have to be prepared for that dreaded day when the police come knocking at your door to take you down. At that point, you have to make a decision. Do you surrender, or do you reach deep down inside and summon the strength to perform the unimaginable -- go out in a blaze of ganja.

That is exactly what authorities say a Florida man, suspected of operating a marijuana grow house, did earlier this week: They showed up on his front porch with a search warrant, and he made them wait until he finished smoking a “going away” joint before submitting to arrest.

The story goes like this: Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office got word that 32-year-old David Scott Shultz of Poinciana was using his home to run a sophisticated marijuana grow operation. Therefore, after obtaining a search warrant of the premises, deputies drove out to the man’s residence to begin an investigation.

When police knocked on the door, they say there was no question about whether there was marijuana in the house: they could smell it. And Shultz, well, he knew he was busted, because after police identified themselves and informed him of the search, he told deputies that he wasn’t going to open the door until after he finished smoking a joint.

Police say that after Shultz finished getting stoned, he opened the door and let them in without any issue.

Unfortunately for him, officers discovered a substantial amount of marijuana being grown throughout the house, reportedly seizing 190 plants and some grow equipment.

Shultz was charged with drug manufacturing, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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