With online games that require a proper smoking device to participate just as much as they do a working computer, it should come as no surprise that the creator of a new ganja gaming website wants to encourage players to get stoned to bone while they waste a little time.

Marijuanagames.org, a marijuana-themed gaming website, featuring five video game parodies of classics like Super Mario Bros. and Pacman, was officially launched last month. Website creator and game developer Russ Hudson says that he wanted to create a site that promotes for the legalization of recreational marijuana while maintaining the basic principles of the cause -- fun and relaxation.

“The entire country; indeed the entire world, is rapidly making a shift in consciousness and this shift is calling for legalization of marijuana,” says Hudson. Unfortunately, this means that right now there is an enormous amount of political pressure on the entire marijuana culture and industries. This isn’t right, because the concept of recreational marijuana use is one of relaxation, stress relief and spiritual grounding, so the hype and stress of activism is really the opposite of this concept.”

In addition to a series of games, the website also offers several reviews of marijuana strains as well as a pot proficiency quiz, memes and a number of images displaying important marijuana facts.

Rather than just being a cool website where gamers can guide stoner Pacman on a high-speed mission to devour as many marijuana leafs and purple bongs as possible while evading the rotten clutches of the law enforcement ghosts, there is also a relatively good chance that they will learn something new about the many facets of cannabis.