An enterprising Washington State butcher has taken husbandry to a higher level—he’s mixing his pigs’ feed with weed, and getting tasty results. William von Schneidau gets marijuana scraps from Top Shelf Organic, a Seattle dispensary, and adds the pot stems and leaves to fodder for his swine. Although the meat isn’t marijuana-flavored, von Schneidau says the pigs raised on his revolutionary reefer diet provide “redder and more savory” meat.

Farmers are seeking new sources for livestock feed since prices for corn and soy are on the rise. When recent legalization in Washington State made it possible to use marijuana scraps, von Schneidau seized the opportunity, and has attracted quite a bit of attention with his ingenuity. His Pot Pig Gig event, held at his butcher shop in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, sold out quickly, and he says he’s got plenty of interest in upcoming events.

We don’t know if the pigs feel anything from the weed in their feed, or if any THC ends up in the meat, but von Schneidau attests that his pot-bellied pigs are delicious. Speaking to NPR, he said "If we had a vet that stepped up to the plate and wanted to check out their joints and mood, and what drugs make pigs happy, that would be great. But me, I just get out there, and cut them up, and put them on a BBQ, and eat them."