There was a time when presenting a coupon to your local drug dealer in hopes of getting a couple of bucks knocked off would have resulted in you taking a beating or perhaps never being heard from again.

However, times are indeed changing, especially in parts of the country where recreational marijuana has finally become legal. Now, rather than fight for market share using strong arm tactics and street brutality, legal weed slingers in places like Colorado and Washington have been forced into competing for business using less violent measures -- like advertising and coupons.

In fact, many pot shops across Denver are now taking advantage of a new website called Canna-Saver, which the weed community has deemed the “Groupon of Marijuana,” allowing dispensaries to offer a variety of doobie deals on the site for a monthly fee.

Canna-Saver founder Brian Shapiro says that even though he does not smoke marijuana, it was relatively easy to see the potential for monetary gain stemming from this estimated billion-dollar industry.

Shapiro says that after just four months in business, the website now offers 65 deals from 30 companies, one of which is reportedly two ounces of weed for $300 -- about a $50 savings.

Many dispensary owners say they are excited about the advent of a cannabis couponing site because marijuana users seem to be finding the site and responding to the offers.

Interestingly, Shapiro says that Canna-Saver is already earning $3,000 per month offering deals on medicinal marijuana. That figure is expected to rise exponentially in January when it becomes legal in Colorado to sell weed for recreational use.

Shapiro says that he believes his marijuana coupon company could be enough of a niche to become a major player in the competitive world of online commerce.

Just call him the Coupon Don.