A 48-year-old Australian man is facing 20 years behind bars in Indonesia. Robert McJannett was arrested in Bali in December after customs officers allegedly discovered 1.7 grams of marijuana in his bag. Under “harsh new drug laws introduced last year” in Indonesia, McJannett faces five to 15 years for importing pot. Additionally, McJannett is being charged with possession, which carries a sentence of four to 12 years, as well as at least two less serious offenses.


The prosecution is attempting to paint McJannett as “an ‘addict’ who has used marijuana for more than 30 years.”


Indonesia is also where fellow Australian Schapelle Corby was arrested and is currently serving a 20-year sentence for “importing” marijuana. In 2004, customs officers in Bali discovered over nine pounds of marijuana in Corby’s boogie board bag.


According to at least one source, McJannett claimed to be the victim of a set-up when he was arrested. Corby made a similar claim and to this day maintains her innocence.

McJannett’s trail is adjourned until next week.
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