MADISON, WISCONSIN—A statewide poll released today shows that Wisconsin residents support medical marijuana legislation by a margin of greater than four to one. Support was strong in all age groups and all political affiliations.

Statewide, 75.7% said they would support legislation to permit patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, or other serious illnesses to use marijuana for medical purposes with their physicians' approval, with 18.2% opposed and 6.2% either unsure or declining to answer. Republicans supported the proposal by a margin of 68% to 24.4%, while among Democrats the margin was 83.9% to 10.9%. Support for the proposal topped 70% in all age groups.

The telephone survey of 600 randomly selected Wisconsin residents was conducted from July 11 to July 22, 2005, by Chamberlain Research Consultants as part of Chamberlain's quarterly Wisconsin Trends poll. Polling on the medical marijuana question was commissioned and paid for by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). The survey's margin of error is plus or minus 3.97%. Detailed poll results appear below.

"We are heartened by such overwhelming, bipartisan support for legislation to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest," said MPP Legislative Analyst Adam Horowitz. "Young or old, Republican or Democrat, Wisconsin residents believe seriously ill patients should not have to live in fear. We are hopeful that legislators will listen to their constituents and give Wisconsin patients the protection they deserve."

Rep. Gregg Underheim (R-Oshkosh), who is presently drafting medical marijuana legislation to be introduced during the current session, said, "The public clearly understands the difference between the medical use of marijuana and the recreational use of marijuana, and the public clearly supports the medical use of marijuana." Underheim is chair of the Assembly's Committee on Health and vice chair of the Committee on Public Health.

With more than 17,000 members and 120,000 e-mail subscribers nationwide, the Marijuana Policy Project is the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the United States. MPP works to minimize the harm associated with marijuana—both the consumption of marijuana and the laws that are intended to prohibit such use. MPP believes that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is imprisonment. For more information, please visit http://

POLL RESULTS (in percentages):

QUESTION: Under Wisconsin law, the use of marijuana is illegal, including for medical purposes. Currently in the Wisconsin legislature, there is a bill pending that would allow people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, or other serious illnesses to use marijuana for medical purposes, as long as their physician approves. Do you support or oppose this bill?

Support: 75.7
Oppose: 18.2
Don't know/refused to answer: 6.2

Support: 68.0
Oppose: 24.4
Don't know/refused: 6.4

Support: 83.9
Oppose: 10.9
Don't know/refused: 5.2

Support: 61.1
Oppose: 22.2
Don't know/refused: 16.7

Support: 75.4
Oppose: 17.5
Don't know/refused: 7.0

Support: 73.4
Oppose: 20.3
Don't know/refused: 6.4

Support: 82.2
Oppose: 11.9
Don't know/refused: 5.9

Support: 71.7
Oppose: 22.8
Don't know/refused: 5.5

Support: 83.5
Oppose: 11.8
Don't know/refused: 4.7

Support: 70.2
Oppose: 21.8
Don't know/refused: 8.1