Well this is the world we live in folks -- politicians are sitting pretty on top of the food chain. They make the laws, they break the laws, but above all else they cash in on every aspect of the laws. 

As we reported earlier this week, Massachusetts is currently courting its first bids for the inaugural Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the state. As it turns out, Boston.com is reporting some interesting facts about the applicants -- namely that a few of them happen to be former politicos looking to cash in on the Medical Marijuana boom. It's not surprising considering the entry fee to get started in Massachusetts is $500,000 cash in the bank. There aren't too many people who have those kinds of funds in hand, let alone enough for three different bids within the state. We're looking at you Former US representative William D. Delahunt.

Delahunt, now a lobbyist and president of Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, Inc (a non-profit), has bids in to open facilities in Mashpee, Bristol, and Plymouth. 

Moreover, Former House speaker Thomas M. Finneran, a slew of former state senators, top political aides, and even a sheriff have bids in place. 

Check out the full list of applicants over at the Patriot Ledger.