Shops that sell hydroponics equipment – often used in illegal marijuana grow ops – should have to keep a records of their customers, Edmonton's drug police say.

The Green Team has made a number of large grow op busts this week, seizing almost 4,000 plants worth millions of dollars.

RCMP Cpl. Lorne Adamitz says most of the equipment is bought at hydroponics stores, and believes they should have to keep track of their customers, the same way pawn shops do.

"We are not trying to prevent legitimate users from using equipment for legitimate purposes, but a lot of these shops thrive on the illegal marijuana market," he said. "Maybe they should leave a driver's licence number or some type of identification.

"That would eliminate a lot of the illegal users."

Coun. Karen Leibovici says she's not sure a list of customers would achieve anything, since equipment used in grow ops can also be purchased in hardware stores and greenhouses.

"There are any number of places you can get the fertilizer and to get the chemicals and to get the tubing and the overhead lights that are required," she said.

She says the best approach to halting grow ops is to encourage neighbours to report suspicious activities to the police.