Charges are pending after the Tahlequah Police Department's special narcotics unit seized an indoor marijuana-growing operation.

The system requires no soil to grow the marijuana plants, which are cultivated through the use of nutrients. An investigator working the case said officers took a set of 1,000-watt lanterns put on timers. An exhaust fan was in place to vent the carbon dioxide through the attic. The lights were suspended with chains over the containers used to grow the plants. Water for the plants circulated through a reservoir.

"This system allowed him to trick the plants into thinking the days were much shorter, and that caused the plants to grow faster," the investigator said. "There were no plants growing when the items were seized Wednesday."

The system, which was not capable of producing large quantities of marijuana plants, was located in a bedroom of a local residence.

The officers also took enzymes; fertilizer, a bong used to smoke the cultivated marijuana; a firearm; and several copies of "High Times" magazine. Investigators were inventorying the seized property Thursday.

Anyone who knows of marijuana growing or other illegal drug activity should contact the Tahlequah Police Department or the nearest law enforcement agency.