A Phoenix man is singing the smugglers blues this week after being busted by the pigs of the Arizona patrol with 420 pounds of marijuana.

According to reports, a Pinal County Sheriff’s officer unleashed into hot pursuit Wednesday morning after spotting a 2004 Chevrolet truck hauling some major ass down Arizona Highway 84.

However, the driver was not about to go down without a fight, as he kept the pedal to the metal for as long as he could before losing control of vehicle and nose-diving that bastard into a concrete culvert while attempting some old school Duke Boys getaway maneuvers.

That’s when the driver and two passengers emerged from shell of the smashed up truck and made a mad dash on foot into a farmer’s field. Unfortunately, while two of the men did manage to escape the clutches of the lone deputy, the driver, who was later identified as 25-year-old Ignacio Nunez, was not so lucky.

Upon searching the bed of vehicle, authorities uncovered 20 packages of marijuana valued at $315,000, as well as some handheld radios and batteries.

Nunez told officers that he was just a desperate, three-legged drug mule who had been hired to smuggle some weed and a couple of people into Phoenix for a couple thousand dollars that he intended to send back to his sick parents in Mexico.

But, as usual, the cops were not buying into any hard luck stories, and Nunez was taken to jail and charged with possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana, possession of marijuana and felony flight.

Note to Drug Smugglers: Please look up the word “inconspicuous,” as nothing could be a bigger red flag in the eyes of rat-faced law enforcement as three suspicious men piled into a speeding pickup truck, recklessly hauling hundreds of pounds of what looks like large bundles of weed. Obeying basic traffic laws and a little common sense goes a long way…

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup; facebook.com/mikeadams73.