Phillip Leveque, a Doctor of Pharmacology and contributor to, proclaimed marijuana as superior medicine for treating nausea in a recent op-ed.

Dr. Leveque compared medical pot to the most widely used antiemetic medications (drugs used to prevent vomiting) such as Compazine (Prochlorperazine), an antipsychotic that was discovered to be effective in treating nausea.

However, such medications have side effects that may become severe while marijuana famously has none whatsoever.

Dr. Leveque also rated pot above Marinol, the synthetic THC drug typically prescribed for treating nausea. Based on his experience and research, Dr. Leveque concluded that marijuana – consumed by inhalation – is the safest and fastest acting anti-nausea medication.

Medical marijuana is legal in Dr. Leveque’s home state of Oregon. However, it remains unavailable as legal medicine for the majority of the country. Interestingly, cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I narcotic (drugs considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical value) while Marinol, the synthetic form of marijuana’s primary psychoactive compound, THC, is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance (drugs considered to have a lower potential for abuse and accepted medical value).

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