Removing yourself from the equation: If you were to close your eyes and imagine a logical professional to run a pot dispensary, who would it be?

A pharmacist, of course! And apparently the pharmacists of Illinois are banding together to ask the government to change existing laws that prevent them from getting in on the game.

On January 1, marijuana was made legal in Illinois for a patients with any of the 35 medical conditions listed by the state. Currently, the federally distributed license every pharmacist holds prevents them from dispensing marijuana, but that could soon change.

Pharmacist Joseph Friedman has a dream. That dream is to dispense super-dank medicinal weed to patients in his hometown of Lincolnshire. "It makes perfect sense," he says. "After all, pharmacists are the drug experts." His mission is to get the sticky icky reclassified as a "Schedule II" substance, which would allow him and other pharmacists to dispense it to patients. After he presented to the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy, many others in the community expressed interest in pursuing the issue as well. Even board members were interested in change. "I think it's a tremendous missed opportunity for pharmacists not to be sitting in the first row on this," board member Ronald Weinert said.

Yet, not everyone is in favor of pharmacists taking over the industry. Dan Linn, the executive director of NORML Illinois, points out that we should be fearing that the big pharmaceutical industry will take over the budding multibillion-dollar business, forcing out locals.

What do you think of your pharmacist potentially becoming your pot dealer?