The Denver Broncos’ star quarterback, Peyton Manning, is off to an NFL record-shattering start to the 2013 season. Fresh off a huge win against his brother Eli, Peyton received the highest honor – a cannabis strain has been named after him.

A Denver dispensary recently unveiled Peyton Manning pot, a sativa dominate Chem 91 x SFV OG Kush hybrid labeled as being “The best of both worlds, a [sic] uplifting, happy thought-provoking sativa plus the body medicine of the indica.”

Good Meds, the dispensary behind the Super Bowl champion’s eponymous strain, is also offering a 10 percent discount to customers who wear a Broncos jersey on game day.

However, Manning’s people aren’t too happy about the marketing ploy. A representative for Peyton is threatening legal action, saying the folks at Good Meds “don’t have [Manning’s] permission for using his name for commercial purposes”.

Good Meds also named a strain after Peyton’s little brother Eli Manning (the New York Giants’ two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback). The Peyton strain is indicated for pain, anxiety, nausea and headaches, while the Eli strain is supposed to treat multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and arthritis. Both the Eli and Peyton Manning strains are crosses of Chem 91 and SFV OG Kush.