Peyton Manning is facing felony drug charges this week after being pulled over by cops in Nashville, TN. No, not the Peyton you’re thinking of. This Peyton Manning is an 18-year-old girl, who shares a name with the Denver Broncos QB.

The female Peyton and 18-year-old Kenneth Sowards were arrested after cops stopped Manning for driving with her high beams on and smelled marijuana. Sowards allegedly let the officers search the car and they found marijuana, cocaine, a digital scale and a pill crusher, as well as text messages on their phones that “mentioned cocaine use” and cash in Manning’s purse that was “consistent with bills used in a drug deal.”

Manning and Sowards face charges of possession of cocaine, pot, and drug paraphernalia. Sowards also faces a charge of tampering with evidence for trying to conceal the coke -- in a Coke. The officers found two baggies of yayo floating in his soft drink.

No word on whether or not Manning was named after the Tennessee college football legend, but it’s certain that her arrest wouldn’t have made headlines if she didn’t share a moniker with the “The Sheriff.” Tough luck, Peyton.