We need your help with a petition requesting that President Obama issue pardons for nonviolent drug offenders currently serving federal life sentences without parole.

The petition entitled “Grant Group Clemency to Nonviolent Drug Offenders Serving Life Sentences” states that the majority of nonviolent federal lifers received harsher sentences by opting to exercise their Sixth Amendment right to a trial rather than take a plea agreement. Many were charged and prosecuted for conspiracy based on the testimony of “cooperating witnesses and informants,” and a great number of these inmates were sentenced under mandatory minimum guidelines.

The petition authors want President Obama to treat incarcerated casualties of the War on Drugs in the same manner previous presidents treated draft dodgers and desertion violators during the Vietnam War, adding that “The War on Drugs has been an equally divisive war imprisoning generations of men and women.”

“We urge the president to use the model of President Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. After President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, he initiated a Clemency Program for those who violated the Selective Act. Ford granted 1,731 pardons to civilians, those who evaded the draft and 11,872 to military personnel, those who went AWOL. President Jimmy Carter expanded the clemency healing many wounds and bringing thousands of young men back into the fold of citizenship.”

“Systemic clemency has been used frequently throughout the history of our country. This is a Presidential tool and responsibility that is usually used to restore justice when retribution has caused a rift in the social fabric. The war on drugs is our contemporary example of this excess.”

So far, the petition has generated over 1,000 signatures, but it still needs 98,903 more to garner enough clout to get the attention of the president. To find out more about Grant Group Clemency to Nonviolent Drug Offenders Serving Life Sentences, you can find and sign their petition at Change.org: https://www.change.org/petitions/president-barack-obama-grant-group-clemency-to-nonviolent-drug-offenders-serving-life-sentences

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