Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says the only way to stop the disintegration of society and control crime is to put the hammer down on marijuana smokers, because they are a filthy, social parasites destined to take their depravity to the next level and send what is left of America straight to hell.

Specifically, Corbett is speaking in regards to the elevated crime rates in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where dope fiends have reportedly taken over the city and are now plaguing the streets with a vicious onslaught of assault, burglary and murder. This deluge has created a desolate environment for its 21,000 residents.

While recent data from the Johnstown Crime and Violence Commission attributes much of the city’s crime problems with an increase in heroin trafficking, Governor Corbett blames marijuana: because he says without it, there would not be a market for harder drugs.

“That’s the most addictive gateway drug that there is,” he said. “People don’t stop at marijuana because then they go to the next level.”

This ignorant mindset, unfortunately, is the typical thought process of many minds from the old-school legislative process.

Even with documented research to support the FACT the average pot smoker is not some murderous junkie that gets kicks by pistol-whipping white-bread Americans for dope money, there are still lawmakers that maintain the “marijuana was put here by the devil” mentality.

In fact, in addition to crime issues, Governor Corbett was recently asked about the current state of Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate despite a hopeful economic boost from natural gas wealth. As with many of the state’s problems, Corbett placed the blame on his constituents being stoned: “there are many employers that say we’re looking for people but can’t find anyone who has passed a drug test.”

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