Since January 1, Oregonians suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have been legally allowed to use and access medical marijuana after the state legislature passed Senate Bill 281 in 2013,  adding PTSD as the tenth qualifying condition in Oregon’s medical pot program.

Despite the fears of some Oregon legislators that permitting PTSD patients to use cannabis would result in faked claims of traumatic stress by those seeking to legally consume pot for recreational purposes, fewer than 100 patients have applied to use medical pot for PTSD since October 1.  

Oregon is now the fourth US state to specifically allow pot treatment for PTSD, following New Mexico, Delaware and Connecticut.

PTSD particularly afflicts military veterans and SB 281 co-sponsor, state Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas), cited that issue. Senator Boquist says he views medical pot as a temporary alleviation of PTSD symptoms while a more long-term solution is developed.

However, for many PTSD patients, marijuana is already a highly effective treatment.