Marijuana legalization efforts across the United States are gaining momentum, but unfortunately, rather than our fiendish American leaders accepting the ways of the peace pipe, some politicians would rather carry on the long-dead debate as to how marijuana fits in with the perils of drug abuse.

It was not that long ago that smoking weed meant carrying the weight of loser stigmas, and smokers were described with hurtful terms like pothead, stoner and burnout. But as science began to deem the wonder weed medicinally appropriate, those shameful associations started to diminish to some degree, and now the portrait of the pot smoker appears to be divided right down the center between those that smoke to combat debilitating ailments, like cancer and AIDS, and those that simply like to get stoned to the bone… just for fun.

Some would even argue that the imaginary line that separates medicinal and recreational marijuana users doesn’t exist because so many patients carrying around a medical marijuana permit are only doing so not because they need sweet relief from the symptoms that bind them, but because it gives them a license to get high -- and who wouldn’t want one of those?

The good news is that the country’s cannabis conundrum is poised to eventually work itself out… people needing marijuana to treat a medical condition will have it, and those that want it to party, well, they will have it too. With more states siding with the pro-pot philosophies of Colorado and Washington, our fingers are tightly crossed for the revolution of a stoner nation sometime within the next decade.

Therefore, in the not so distant future, more Americans will have the option to turn to the inspiring effects of the marijuana plant in their effort to unwind from the daily grind, the same way booze hounds have been drowning their liver throughout the history of mankind. The only difference is: even in its most brutal level of toxicity, cannabis does not put hundreds of thousands of users on the organ donor list.

Instead -- regardless of the definitions of cannabis “abuse” laid out by naysayers -- marijuana will serve its recreational constituents as an placid escape from the many unsavory characteristics of life without putting their livelihood on the chopping block -- it will become the ultimate day-is-done remedy.

However, many political adversaries will continue in their attempt to sell the moral swine of the nation on the idea that simply using marijuana for recreational purposes, in the same manner in which people consume alcohol, is an abuse of the drug… and drug abuse is, and always has been, a rabid detriment to civil society.

But don’t worry -- eventually, those concerned about the negative influence of recreational marijuana on the great American populous will find themselves forced to submit to the rampantly growing cannabis councils rising up throughout the country.

Incidentally, this assembly of advocates is made up of the same people that were once labeled potheads and burnouts, and now earn handsome livings as America’s professional elite -- doctors, lawyers and scientists.

Marijuana legalization was always going to be an inside job.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup;