The black market in narcotics makes the inner cities in the US a dangerous place to live -- why should Kabul be any different? The problem, once again, isn't the drugs. It's the prohibition. Reuters reports: A booming opium trade, intensifying violence and a weak central government threaten the long-term stability of Afghanistan (news - web sites) despite U.S. military and aid efforts, a congressional watchdog said on Wednesday. And while Bush administration officials who spoke to Congress after the General Accounting Office (news - web sites) report was issued emphasized progress rebuilding after the toppling of Afghanistan's Taliban rulers, they echoed concerns that the drugs trade was bolstering warlords and undermining President Hamid Karzai's power. The GAO, a nonpartisan congressional watchdog agency, also criticized the Bush administration for weak oversight of U.S. aid and delays in disbursing billions of dollars for the impoverished Central Asian nation.