Father-daughter bonding is usually considered a positive thing, but for respected ophthalmologist, Dr. Paul Ezell, age 58, and his 23-year-old daughter Victoria, it also means court time and high bail for drug dealing, drug possession and criminal conspiracy.

The Haverton, Pennsylvania resident’s home was raided on Wednesday, April 23 by police who found a sophisticated system of marijuana plants, scales and computers. “One stage set up for very young marijuana plants; one stage in another area of the basement where the plants would be mid-growth; and another section where they were just about ready to be harvested,” says Lt. Moore. “We can estimate somewhere a yearly revenue between $30,000 to $40,000.” Police also say that Ezell’s home electricity usage matches with supporting a marijuana grow operation, and that he tried to mask the odor with a ventilation system.

According to NBC Philly, police were tipped off with an anonymous phone call that accused the doctor of selling weed to his patients. “Since he is a doctor and places himself in a position of trust, I thought you should be aware of this,” the tip said.

Ezell has lived in his home for 26 years, even after his wife died last year. But neighbors had no idea, “I’ve never seen any unusual activity, never smelled anything. I feel really bad for him, I do. I guess things were pretty bad that he had to resort to that.”

“This type of operation doesn’t discriminate. People that you wouldn’t expect to being doing this as well as the people you’d see on the streets you would expect to be doing it,” says Lt. Moore.

Although the investigation is still in process, a cash bail has been placed on the doctor and his daughter for $50,000 each. They will return to court May 1.