Longtime marijuana law reform advocate Ohio Representative Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) said last week he does not intend to revamp a recreational pot legalization resolution for a possible ballot measure in November 2014. Rep Hagan’s original proposal was sidelined and never voted on last year by the state House of Representatives.

“I think my time is running out for that,” Rep Hagan admitted.

If Ohio legislators had passed Hagan’s 2013 resolution, voters statewide would have had the opportunity to legalize recreational weed last November, but now Hagan’s focus will shift to medical marijuana.

Rep Hagan revealed that at least four families among his constituency have children suffering from severe seizures that could be potentially alleviated with cannabis oil if it were legal in Ohio.

“When I watch these 4-, 5-, 6-year old kids having seizures right in front of me, I ask myself, ‘Why can we not be more progressive?’” Hagan asked rhetorically.

To that end, two groups in Ohio are currently gathering signatures to place medical marijuana legalization measures on the November ballot.