HIGH TIMES is thankful that the concerned citizens of Denver have brought the property owner's dereliction of his duties under the lease he entered into with us to our attention. We too are embarrassed and disappointed at his failure to clean up after a historic and terrific event, especially since we paid him in advance, and handsomely so, to ensure that the property would be returned to its prior aesthetic condition. We at HIGH TIMES do not know of the reasons why the owner failed to fulfill his duties under his own lease. Nonetheless, we must suffer the negative perceptions despite the lack of fault on our part.

HIGH TIMES is greatly appreciative of the community-minded volunteers who brought this matter to our attention and donated their time and good will to restore the owner’s grounds that he neglected. HIGH TIMES regrets the negative impression that has sullied its reputation after what turned out to be a monumental celebration that caught the world’s attention. We can assure you that we have already begun to address and implement new protocols to ensure that such a publicly offensive derogation of duty on behalf of a landlord will not be suffered again by the good citizens of the Mile High City.

HIGH TIMES is proud of the economic and cultural impact that the 1st U.S. Cannabis Cup brought to Colorado. We are already making troubleshooting plans for next year where we will ensure such an unsightly post-event condition will not happen again.