When he showed up in court Monday to be sentenced for trafficking in marijuana, at least Dennis Wolf wasn't wearing that T-shirt that recently was the talk of the courtroom of Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Mark Schweikert.

Police arrested Wolf, 22, of Harrison, Feb. 4 in Cleves, where they said he sold marijuana to a confidential police informant for $30 while officers were listening in on the transaction.

Wolf pleaded no contest March 17 to trafficking in marijuana and was convicted by Schweikert of the lowest-level felony, which carried a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

After the conviction, the judge ordered Wolf to submit to a pre-sentence investigation that would provide Schweikert information - prior criminal history if any, for example - that would help him determine a sentence.

When Wolf showed up to talk to the probation officer who would conduct the pre-sentence investigation interview, the officer immediately noticed Wolf's outfit.

Wolf was wearing a T-shirt declaring himself "Official High Times Taste Tester" - and insisted to the probation officer that he liked smoking marijuana so much, he was going to do it until the day he died. Schweikert alluded to that comment in court Monday as he sent Wolf to jail.

Wolf's choice of attire at Monday's sentencing hearing was more subdued. He wore a short-sleeved knit golf shirt without a logo or wording.

The judge sent Wolf to the Hamilton County Justice Center for 30 days, placed him on two years probation, ordered him to undergo outpatient drug rehabilitation and random drug testing, and fined him $200.

If Wolf violates his probation, he will go to prison for six months, Schweikert vowed.