Last night, before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to the nation, I posted a humorous status update on Facebook that read, “Wouldn't it be cool if President Obama opened tonight's State of the Union speech with, "Alright, Alright, know what I dig about high school chicks?"

However, not only did the president fail to fiendishly deliver his democratic dialogue in the stoned tone of the infamous David Wooderson, but throughout the course of more than an hour of kneel and puff politics, he managed to dodge the subject of marijuana legalization altogether.

Admittedly, none of us at HIGH TIMES was shocked when the President stepped off the podium without so much as acknowledging the issue of marijuana prohibition. Especially, considering the backlash he received from all sides of the issue just weeks ago after he told a reporter with The New Yorker that even though he considers smoking weed a bad habit, he does not “think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

And while some marijuana supporters rejoiced at President Obama’s seemingly positive remarks regarding some of the negative implications attached to weed, others lashed out, calling his perception of pot contemptible and cowardice.

"What does it say about our elected representatives when even a president who grants that marijuana is no 'more dangerous than alcohol,' jokes about his past drug use and faces no more elections in his lifetime is terrified to go along with a massive and still growing majority of Americans?” said Reason’s Nick Gillespie in an article for Time Magazine.

Several days after the president’s interview in The New Yorker surfaced, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney emerged from the administration’s public relations watchtower and leaped head first into the trenches of damage control, suggesting that despite recent comments “The President's position on these matters haven't changed.” 

Carney was adamant that the president’s comments did not suggest any support for marijuana laws. "He's not endorsing any specific move by a state. He's simply making an observation, his position of these matters has not changed," he said.

On a personal level, I am somewhat relieved the president chose to avoid the issue of marijuana prohibition like the plague; otherwise, I may have been held accountable for some lip service of my own. Last night, during the president’s speech, I joking tweeted, “I'll suck your dick if President Obama mentions legalizing marijuana.” And while I feel confident that most of my readers took those six-pack comments of mine in jest, I cannot help but consider the frightening possibility that someone may have taken me seriously.

In fact, immediately after posting my final tweet of the evening: “By the way, I'm happy to report I don't have toblow anyone. Obama never once addressed the issue of marijuana,” I received a bizarre message from HIGH TIMES’ very own Russ Bellville, which suggested my loss would have been kept in the family… “Well, you don't HAVE to,” he replied.

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in High Times, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.